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Welcome To www.bts.in
Welcome To Baikunthapur Tarun Sangha

Baikunthapur Tarun Sangha (BTS) has been working in the riverine Coastal areas of Sunderban under Bio-sphere Reserve and the World Heritage Site as declared by UNESCO.

It has been serving the Core neighbouring areas of Tiger Reserve Forest and providing development support services to the poor & the marginalized; vulnerable & the needy, underprivileged  forest & fishermen community people, especially the malnourished Women Children and the aged -disabled in their acute need.

BTS is registered under Society Registration Act, 1961 Govt. of West Bengal; Foreign Contribution Regulation Act,1976/2010; U/S 12A & 80G(Exemption) of Income Tax Act,1961 and DARPAN Portal of NITI Aayog ID: WB/2009/0002897), Govt of India. BTS is registered with Guide Star India (GSN: 4809) & Certified Non-Govt. Organisation with Transparency Key & Global (BRIDGE)Unique Id:0695646867 also validated by CAF(Charities Aid Foundation)-India.


Board Members

GB Members

Pesident :
Mr. Kamal Ranjan Maiti
A retired High School Teacher highly engaged in multipurpose social works since 1989 . He has been deeply involved in  development initiatives  in the delta. A keen music lover, his social assurance inspires BTS  to go onward and serve the needy suffering community living deplorably in Sunderban.
Secretary :
Mr. Susanta Giri
A brilliant student during his academic days and one of the few from the delta to successfully complete his graduation with Honours in English from the University of Calcutta. He came back after his mother’s sudden sad demise .This opened his eyes and made him  back and stay  in his native village to serve his poor, suffering brothers & sisters in the island areas of Southern Sunderban. He visualizes a world where  to see none  to die without food or  a drop of life-saving  medicine and from humiliation or violation of  human rights…!He has forshaken the sumptuous luxury of life and  been leading a very ordinary life with the suffering and pains of his native people.
He is still co-ordinating as the Director  of the organization ,the supporters & friends in India or Abroad to continue serving the needy and the distressed, vulnerable & the weaker for their over-all development and participation in the efforts to extend equality , fraternity and liberty at large.
Asstt. Secretary :
Mr. Haradhan Sau
An early associate of BTS to initiate development efforts in the banner of BTS when Mr. Giri came to this field after his mother’s sad demise. Mr. Sau’s father also donated a plot of land for this cause. He is currently a teacher at BTS Basic School-BTS-PathBhavan.He is energetic & co-operative to support the poorest of the poor people living in the villages of Sunderban.
Treasurer :
Mr. Haripada Jana
As a teacher for BTS-PathBhavan , Mr. Haripada Jana joined BTS some 17 years’ back. He is now indispensable to BTS Board Members. He share a lot to have a beneficial outcome for the community people in need. Mr. Jana is a music lover and he himself as a musician to attract his music-world fans.
Mrs.Pratima Naiya
Mr.  Ajit Kr Khatua
Mr.  Ranjit Naiya
Mrs.Manjurani Maiti 
Mrs.Ashalata Das

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