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COVID-19 spread is dangerously increasing amidst lockdown upto April 14th Midnight, 2020. This's the very very high time to obey health advisories to protect and save us everybody in and around us. we have to take care of the thousands of those dailywage earners, forest-fringe people, fishermen communities who have come back to their huts and would be in peril

Goals and Objectives

Goals & Objectives

To serve the vulnerable needy, marginalised community people like farmers, fishermen, widows, aged , women & children in need.

To provide basic and high school education for the needy poor children in schools or out-of-schools through supporting them for child sponsorships, books, etc.

Setting up of schools, Pre-School Centres, Creches(Child Care Centres) Tutorial Centres, Libraries, health Centres, mobile health care services to suffering community

To promote livelihoods development efforts for income generation and socio-economic stability

To promote Bio-Farming or agricultural practices for the economic upliftment

To promote Water & Sanitation through building Toilets, water-Platforms for school children as well as community people in absolute need

To promote Environmental Conservation & Bio-diversity through forming Nature Healing Clubs by community school children by building Green Teams(Sabuj Daal); undertaking projects relating to Climate Shocks Adaptation due to Climate change , promoting Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency initiatives by installing Solar Panels and Energy Efficient Cook Stoves, Bio-Gass units etc.

To undertake CMDRR(Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction) projects alongwith post-disaster reliefs to rehab the victims

Educate a Girl Child

We have to fight a lot to gift the girl child a normal life

Your Support can educate a gril child

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