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BTS dreams of an enriched society where each and every neighbour will live respectfully with equal rights and enjoy equal opportunities without discrimination of their caste & creed; political or religious interest.

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Latest News

Latest News

BTS has reached more than 7696 affected families in 30 cyclone-hit villages in 5 coastal blocks Kultali, Basanti, Patharpratima, Namkhana & Mathurapur-II in the district of South 24 Parganas, West Bengal.

Many groups from Kolkata,  Film Artist Rudranil Ghosh alongwith his friends, Alumni Associations, Ex-Students of Universities like Calcutta & JU, individual donors and institutional donors extended their supports .                      



COVID-19 spread is dangerously increasing amidst lockdown upto April 14th Midnight, 2020. This's the very very high time to obey health advisories to protect and save us everybody in and around us.we have to take care of the thousands of those dailywage earners,

forest-fringe people, fishermen communities who have come back to their huts and would be in peril in the next few days when they would need supports of foodgrains and pocket money to manage daily needs like buying foodgrains, medicines, hygiene materials essentially required to purchase etc. Of course, Govt. of India & Govt. of West Bengal are jointly trying to do a lot to tackle this situation and save the suffering humanity at large.

Again, one month is gone almost..they have no jobs, no rural adhoc livelihoods to earn temporarily, ...it's a total staying inside the home though it is absolutely required to protect and save the population here. Pregnant mothers & Children are not getting sufficient foods , there is a critical situation in those families as they have almost no money to spare for daily needs like foods, medicines and so on.

Now one big challenge in Sunderban villages is to give a mide campaign with Posters and walling highlighting the health advisories. Distributing Hygiene supplies to the family of daily-wage earners, fishermen and forest-dependant communities, vending people, marginal poor farmers, widowers and suffering people in acute need.

Again, in response to the critical situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and total lockdown, BTS Sunderban has also launched the COVID-19 Relief Campaign to raise funds for making a Emergency Precautionary & Relief Fund (EPRF) to provide the essential supplies maintaining social distancing process and health advisories declared. 

Phase-I: For precautionary measures at an early date

Immediate supply/distribution of Hygiene Supplies to 10,000 people in neighbouring 3-5 Coastal Blocks(Kultali,Patharpratima, Basanti, Joynagar-II, Mathurapur-II).

Hygiene supplies (Soaps/Handwash, 300ml Sanitiser & Masks of Rs.300/-) x 10,000=Rs.30,000,00(Including Operational/Admin Costs)

Phase-II: Within next 15 days /Maximum 30 days

Cash grants/ foodgrains(rice, dal, potato, onion, edible oil, Nutrela) to 10,000 families in neighbouring 3-5 Coastal Blocks(Kultali,Patharpratima, Basanti, Joynagar-II, Mathurapur-II). 

 Essential Food supplies (rice, dal, potato, onion, edible oil, Nutrela) of Rs.700/- x 10,000=Rs.70,000,00 (Including Operational/Admin Costs)  

BTS has already done community awareness through miking, distributing govt supplied leaflets to the school children and parents door to door by our school teachers and community volunteers long before at its initial stage and before lockdown, Distributed food grains(Rice and Potato 2kg each) to mothers for their children. Our Field level community workers are taking care of the situation making contacts with Asha Health Workers /Panchayet Pradhan to have necessary screening of the earners/youths returned from outside West Bengal within last few days .During distribution, we have maintained social distancing method as declared by health advisories, Govt of West Bengal and Govt of India. 


Educate a Girl Child

We have to fight a lot to gift the girl child a normal life

Your Support can educate a gril child

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