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Welcome To www.bts.in

BTS dreams of an enriched society where each and every neighbour will live respectfully with equal rights and enjoy equal opportunities without discrimination of their caste & creed; political or religious interest.

Stories of hope

Story Of An Unfortunate Widow : Kajal 

Now Kajal finds pleasure while she comes to talk with her neighbours. She has been gradually changing her life style by earning sale proceeds of the goat she was given by BTS-Project Jiban Jivika Team almost a year back.

Just after her husband’s sudden & sad demise , She joined to work as a maid servant  in the village and found nothing alternative but to plan for migration to urban cities like Kolkata to work in the Babu’s family. But Bishakha, one of BTS Field Mobiliser found her struggle to lead life with her one daughter & only son.

She was given a goat after getting life-skill training and she reared the goat well. Now She has her 2 goats and planning to sell the old one at Rs.2900.00 (proposed) to run her family…She has been telling her story of change to her fellow-villagers ..! She again, feels that the other 2 will grow and give her another Rs.5000 atleast to replace new goats and chicks for rearing to ensure alternative earning in the days to come..!

Story Of An Unfortunate Widow : Parbati Halder

“ I have lost my husband who left me by doing suicide as he took insecticide at the age of 35…and I have been fighting and struggling for existence in my poor marginal family of 10 members. But now I am quite happy as I can earn something out of rearing ducks and earning something daily for my poor family,” said Parbati Halder one of our Project Jiban-Jiveeka members in the village Kishorimohunpur.

Being an important member of the PJJ Group, Preetilata, she received training of rearing ducks and got 10 units of ducks and till date she received an income of 2500(USD 40 when 1USD=INR 64)out of the sale-proceeds of egg and meat by means of selling old ducks.

She is planning to buy more ducks for earning more for his family and she believes that she has got back her social status as she is now working with other village women altogether.


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