Welcome To www.bts.in
Welcome To www.bts.in

BTS dreams of an enriched society where each and every neighbour will live respectfully with equal rights and enjoy equal opportunities without discrimination of their caste & creed; political or religious interest.

Thrust Areas

BTS strongly believes in Comprehensive Area Development(CAD) in a sustainable way without disturbing Sunderban’s bio-diversity equilibrium. It aims to achieve through People’s Participatory Process(PPP) and mutual understanding with local self governments(Panchayet Raj Institutions),giving special emphasis on the following Priority Areas of Development Interest(PADI).

Natural Resource Management(NRM) through Organic/Bio-Farming towards Food Security amon poor in a Sustainable Agriculture Process(SAP) with an aim to minimize Chemical hazards.

Save Sunderban-To Save our Globe through Bio-Diversity Conservation(BDC) interventions & checking harmful consequences of Climate Change issues like deforestation,use of chemicals & plastics,depleting Species , emission of carbons etc.

Promotion of Green Renewable Solar Energy(Carbon-Credit Programs) & Energy Efficiency initives to make our loving Planet Green & carbon-free.

Water Harvesting And  Sustainable Treatment (WHAST) of rainwater to check indiscriminate lifting of under ground water & abuse to keep the underground waterlevel safe and usable  for Drinking Water only.

Total Sanitation Campaign(TSC) to check Open-air defecation responsible for promoting Water & Air-borne diseases and other health-hazards resulting premature death.Community Healthcare Programs (CHP) with emphasis on Preventive measures alongwithClinical Services through OPD or Mobile Medical Capms in the remote villages and island areas very hard-to-reach.

Safe Motherhood & Child Survival(SMACS) through safe institutional delivery & Mother-Child Healthcare(MCH), Reproductive & Child Health(RCH) to reduce maternal morbidity & Child mortality rate in the remote rural villages of Sunderban as per settled mission of National Rural Health Mission(NRHM) , Govt. of India.

 Protection of Child Trafficking & Abuse against Women– Domestic violence to empower Women & Child   through quality Basic School Education in a joyful Learning Process, Bridge Course Centres for drop-out girl child etc.

Cultivation of local Folk-art & Culture including Performing Arts(P-Arts) among the community groups to restore local(regional) heritage .Revival & promotion of Tarja(Kavigaan);Ramayan Gaan; Monosa Mangal, Chandi Manfgal, Sitala Mangal, BonBibir Palagaan, Baul Sangeet etc. to enhance alternative livelihoods of the Forest-fringe-people. 

Emergency Response & Disaster Risk Reduction to the victims of devastating flood & Cyclone as the Operation Area of BTS is disaster-prone and almost every year is hit  either by cyclone or by Flood resulting a huge loss of human &  animal properties in addition to farming plots and fishing ponds.It is noteworthy to mention that Aila 2009 is still a matter of heart-breaking consequence causing a inumerable loss of economic aspects.

Educate a Girl Child

We have to fight a lot to gift the girl child a normal life

Your Support can educate a gril child

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